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Wellest is speciallized in providing stone products for different projects. We are happy to share that how to enjoy the beauty more from our Lava Stone. 

Series 1: Lava Stone Irregular Tile

Irregular Tiles always provide a very great feeling of beauty.

You could hammered at job site to adjust the tile to make it more irregular. The installation could be with natural beauty gaps between each tiles to look perfect. 
For example,  this is the irregular tile from the production :
The irregular shape could be adjusted by the hammered like this. With this adjustment, the installation will look even more irregular but natural.
Or you could also select other color and install like this :
Except for wall decoration, the irregular tile is also perfect for floor, like this :

Series 2: Lava Stone Cut to Size Tile

Lava Stone cut to size tile is popular for swimming pool tile and coping,wall cladding,step, sculpture ect.  We have lava stone without hole, with small hole, with big hole, with random vein, with regular veins. The finish could be honed, flamed, sawn cut, semi-polished, sandlblast, grooved, rain forest, leathered, ect.
For example,  this is the tiles from the production :
You could mix with different small size, and instal horizontal and vertical like this :
Or you could choose bigger sizes, with step like this :
Then you could install the small size with the big size and make the step like this :
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Series 3: Lava Stone Rock 

Various Colors are for your options for different projects and designs. Including Black, Grey,Purple, Red,Brown, Yelow ect.

These rock are good for wall and floor. For interior and exterior use. Feel free to select the color you like. 
Here is how it looks in brown color :
Here is how it looks in red color :
You could also select other colors or mix the colors :
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We have full range of lava stone color and stone products for your different options. It won't be wrong to talk to us if you are looking for lava stone ! 

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Welcome to our showroom to select the color, the finish you like. We have full range color and finish here. You will always find the one you like with us ! 
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Our production line is with experiences in different stone products for over 20 years. We will serve you with our best quality and prices!
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