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If you see a sculpture, and you like to have a same one. What you do is just send us a picture, and we make it real for you !  Go ahead with bellow to see how it happend.... 

Grade A Stone Sculpture for Projects !

You could also select from our models

For a special statue with picky requirements, you could also ask us to make a mould to confirm first before production. Like this: 
Or maybe, you could send us a picture of yourself, and we make a copy for you ! 95% similar is garantee. 

Like to have one ? Just send a picture!

No MOQ on this part. Except for stone sculture, we also have many other stone products! Talk to us for more information !

More cases to share... 

If you wish to select from our normal models for the sculpture, please click here to select the one you like. 
Check some more Sulpture
If you wish to make a special sculpture, or wish to make the sculpture according to your picture, please click here.
I want a customized sculpture

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This e-mail account is also only for sending e-mail. You could reply directly. But if you creat new e-mail, please don't put this address to send. Please send to sales at wellest-stone dot com or the e-mail on our website. Thank you and have a great day !